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Jan Nicholson, EdD

I received my doctorate in psychology at Harvard, yet so much of how I work is based on everything I’ve explored since then.

My passion to study mind-body and healing modalities extensively over the past four decades was inspired by growing up with a chronically ill father as well as by nearly drowning at age five.  When I stopped struggling to survive from drowning, I experienced what expanded consciousness feels like.  It took much exploration for me to eventually learn how to recreate and sustain that blissful feeling. Awareness meditation was the answer for me and I love showing others how to create the same expansive outlook.

Living from a place of expansive well-being may sound as though it could lead to being ineffective in life, but the curious thing about it is that it can heighten our ability to navigate everyday realities.

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Sessions are offered online for residents of any states that belong to PsyPact, a national teletherapy credentialing agency. If you are located in one of the bright blue states on this map, I would love to work with you. To see a list of the states that belong, click here:

People near Sarasota, Fl may request in-person sessions.


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