Awareness Meditation

editation supports us in experiencing the essence of who we truly are, rather than identifying solely with our thoughts and feelings.  It enables us to step outside of what Eckhart Tolle calls the “pain body”, becoming less identified with the habitual stories of our lives.  We begin to create life anew, more able to live in the present moment, with greater compassion for ourselves and others.

The kind of meditation I teach is a tried and true path to deep inner knowing, joy, and confidence.  Awareness Meditation goes beyond mindfulness.  It goes beyond transcendental meditation.  It teaches us how to recognize and experience total awareness, which is already inside us hidden in plain sight.  We learn to expand our consciousness, yet remain completely grounded and embodied. In this way, it is profoundly healing and transformative, yet practical for everyday life.


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In-person meditation will be offered in Sarasota starting the week of 9/4/23. Time and place to be announced.
Location to be announced.