Child Therapy

I have an undergraduate background in Special Education, and did my pre-doctoral internship at Children’s Hospital in Boston.  I have worked extensively with young people from ages 3 to 18 with chronic pain and illness.  More recently, I have had a particular focus on helping children and teens who are empaths, taking on the joys and suffering of those around them.

Often, we might call these children “old souls”, seeming to have a wisdom beyond their years.  And while this knowingness can help them greatly in life when they learn how to understand it and work with it, they often feel like outsiders who don’t fit in.  They can feel bombarded with stimulation from their surroundings.  Having a person outside the family to talk to can be helpful, socially as well as emotionally.

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Sessions are offered online for residents of any states that belong to PsyPact, a national
teletherapy credentialing agency. If you are located in one of the bright blue states on this map, I would love to work with you.
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