Psychotherapy and Coaching – Adults

If you’re interested in personal growth to create the life you most want, to overcome anxiety/depression, to heal from past trauma, or to manage stress better and to thrive, I would consider it the deepest honor and privilege to accompany you on your therapeutic journey.  We decide together the approaches that best suit your needs and help you to start living from an internal source of profound vitality, both physically and mentally.

Mind-body-spirit approaches are integrated into sessions to provide personalized avenues for healing that go beyond talk therapy.  Clinical hypnosis, EMDR, energy work, awareness meditation, and techniques to calm the nervous system are just a few of the options available to you.

For those who are interested, I combine hypnosis and energy work for the release of trauma and whatever no longer serves you.  For many people, this has created a breakthrough relatively quickly even after years of feeling stuck.

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Sessions are offered online for residents of any states that belong to PsyPact, a national
teletherapy credentialing agency. If you are located in one of the bright blue states on this map, I would love to work with you.
To see a list of the states that belong, click here:

People near Sarasota, FL my request in-person sessions.


Tuesday – Friday 9am – 7:30 pm.